The BBQ Toolbox is for manly men who want to grill anywhere, anytime

BBQ Toolbox

If you were thinking of some things that are associated with masculinity; fire, meat, metal, tool boxes, cars, and guns (arms or weapons, it’s up to you) might come to mind. While none should be worried about fitting the stereotype, it’s sometimes fun to indulge in the ideal societal standard. Since no one in their right mind would turn down grilled foods because they’re amazing, having a BBQ could be your time to shine as a man’s man who wants to sear cow flesh over a blazing fire.

Of course, not everywhere is going to allow a fire pit, so it might be in your better interests to get a portable grill. If you are indeed wanting a particular manly aesthetic for your life, then this BBQ Toolbox would fit that theme perfectly. This is shaped like a classic red toolbox, and has rather convenient handles that will become legs for the grill. This has a lower and upper grill section so that you can heat raw meats on the bottom and toast buns on the top.

To make sure the condiments don’t feel left out, the other side of the top will flip down to hold your ketchup, mustard, and spices. The grill measures around 20 x 38cm, and the red coating is a high-temperature paint so you won’t have to worry about damage just from firing up the barbie. This is going to cost you around $99, and is presently only available for pre-order. It would be great for those trying to fit the masculine look while also being a wonderful option for a portable grill.