BBQ Spatula With Thermometer

BBQ Spatula With Thermometer
If you’re terrible at judging when meat is done on the BBQ, or just prefer to let gadgets do small tasks like that for you, then this gadget would be perfect for you. This BBQ spatula has a built in meat-thermometer so you can easily tell when your meat is done and even let you appear to know what you’re doing as it’s cleverly disguised as a regular utensil!

Jutting out from the side of the spatula is a small thermometer probe which you can easily stick into the meat. On the handle there is an LCD display which gives you a temperature reading, easy as that. The spatula uses two AAA batteries.

There are also indicator lights on the handle for common foods so you don’t even need to know what temperature you’re going for! The indicators are for beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey which will light up when the meat is an appropriate temperature for those types of meat to be eaten.

The spatula is a very normal looking gadget, and is also stainless steel so it’s safe to use and is hand-washed. You could appear to be the ultimate BBQ chef always serving up perfectly cooked meat!

This spatula is available for $19.99 and is available from Miles Kimball.

Found via Gizmodo