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Battery-Powered Heat Socks EX


I’ve bought the occasional heat packet that you can jam inside of your socks to keep my feet warm, but those are a very disposable method.  I prefer to have something that I can rely on more often, which is where battery-powered socks come in.  They’ll make it possible to stay warm and all you have to do is remember to switch out the batteries.  Plus, these are oh so stylish.

This isn’t the first pair of heated socks featured here on Coolest Gadgets.   Anyone that wears this version is going to have to be highly committed to staying warm.  Instead of just having a small unit directly on the sock to adjust the heat like the other pair, this one sends a wire up the inside of your pants leg that attaches to a plastic box.  That plastic box stores the batteries and allows for you to turn on the socks as well as up the temperature.  Not only are you going to have to deal with some extra wires, these socks have an added painful aspect to your wallet.  It’ll end up costing you $265 from the Japan Trend Shop and that’s not including the $21 charge for shipping.

Source: RGS

1 thought on “Battery-Powered Heat Socks EX”

  1. Great!
    Another bullshit gadget for great bucks.
    Such items are on the market for years, costing less than half the price.

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