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This Battery Grip Kit for Canon 60D will let you keep shooting on long days

Battery Grip Kit - Canon 60D

When you’ve got a long day of shooting ahead of you, you know that you’re going to need a backup battery or two handy. Literally every second counts when you’re trying to capture the moment, and in the time it takes to switch out the battery, a perfect shot can come and go in an instant. If you’d rather not fiddle around in your bag and just keep shooting without worrying about what you might miss, why not get a longer battery life?

That’s not exactly a feasible option with a regular battery, but there are options out there to make it so. This Battery Grip Kit was designed to work with the Canon 60D, and will not only give you the ability to shoot longer, but it will also provide you with a vertical grip. There is a tripod mount screw hole on the bottom to make sure you can still do setup shots, zoom buttons, a shutter release, and a scroll wheel. It’s the perfect setup for portrait orientation!

If you somehow forgot to charge up your batteries, there is a tray for emergencies where you can insert AA batteries, but hopefully you won’t need that. Hopefully, also, you will remember the AA batteries in case of that emergency. This kit comes with two camera batteries, and will only cost you $59.99, or you can get it with a charger, or more batteries for a higher price. Have fun shooting!

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