Batter Blaster, Better Breakfast in a Hurry?

Batter Blaster

It is breakfast time and you’re dying for pancakes. Too bad you’re in a hurry to get to get to work. You’d be really late if you had to mix the batter and cook them. Sure, there are frozen ones the store, but there’s just something wrong about sticking your pancakes in the microwave. Oh yeah, it’s that steamy rubbery taste. And in the toaster? You tear ’em every time. What’s a pancake lover to do? Simple, heat up the griddle and pull out a can of Batter Blaster.

It’s similar in concept to whipped cream or cheese whiz. Compressed gas pushes the prepared batter out like the whipped cream, allowing cooks running late to make as many pancakes they want, as large as they want. Once sprayed into the pan, it’s your typical, wait until cake rises and bubbles before you turn ’em. The only downside is that a typical pan has a serving size of only eight – and that’s probably of the silver dollar variety. So, if you like ’em large and fluffy like at the Denney’s down the street, you’re gonna need to go back to the grocery store for more than one. A nice extra feature is the fact that they’re organic. And you can also use ’em to make waffles.

Sure beats Pop Tarts.

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