Battelle TAILS is the grappling gun you always wanted

We have reported on the T-PLS Grappling Gun before, and I’m not certain if this Battelle’s Tactical Air Intiated Launch System (TAILS) is the same one, but they sure do look the same.

Clearly, the TAILS is meant to capture a dream we all have. That is, the one where we can just shoot a grappling hook and swing or climb to where we get to go.

The TAILS has the ability to shoot a titanium grappling hook attached to a Kevlar line up to 100 feet up in the air and 60 feet away.

The TAILS looks like it is perfect for spies, because the shooting the hook itself doesn’t make any noise, as it is pneumatic. Of course, it might make a huge metallic “clang” when it hits its target.

As usual, I haven’t heard if this TAILS will be available to the general public. I’m guessing no, because someone could probably shoot someone with it.

As you can see, this grappling hook gun is somewhat bigger than the one that Batman keeps on his belt. I suppose that if Batman put one of these one his belt, the Joker would probably tell the Dark Knight “Is that a grappling hook gun on your belt, or…(do I really need to finish this paragraph)?”


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