BatRest from Seskimo

Seskimo of London has rolled out the BatRest, and this unique iPhone 3G holder is touted to be the first in the world which folds flat to the size of a credit card, slipping comfortably into your wallet. This makes it highly portable, and is perfect for folks who use their iPhone 3G as a primary video watching device as well. It works great for frequent travelers as your hands don’t have to suffer from any cramps from holding the iPhone 3G since the handset itself can be held in position by the BatRest. In addition to the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod touch, the BatRest also works great with a bunch of other media players and digital cameras. It will come in black, white and translucent colors, although there is the option to produce it in other colors or with custom print. The BatRest is currently retailing for a mere $3.95 each, and chances are Wayne Enterprises are behind the whole idea.

Press Release