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Bathtub to Spa Converter saves you plenty of dough along the way

bathtub-spa-converterI am all for austerity measures, as one can never quite tell just how the economy is going to unfold in time to come. After all, when you listen to news from all over the world each day, it can be pretty depressing. Stampedes here and there, wars splitting apart countries, refugees risking life and limb to seek a better life elsewhere, making us make the best of what we have in life. Well, if you have always wanted to own one of those luxurious jacuzzi bathtubs in your home but never really had the kind of money to burn, how about taking the budget-oriented route with the $129.95 Bathtub to Spa Converter?

The Bathtub to Spa Converter will certainly live up to its name, where it converts any bathtub into a soothing spa tub in a matter of seconds. All that you need to do is to simply attach it to the side of a bathtub using its suction cups and it will get to work, circulating bath water through its dual nozzles, resulting in relaxing water streams that soothe the body and mind. The nozzles can swivel 180°, which would allow you to direct the streams of water to target the lower or upper body. There are two adjustable speeds that can be selected with the turn of a dial, resulting in a gentle spray or a vigorous, massage-like Jacuzzi stream.

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