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The Batband is a pair of headphones that won’t touch your ears


There are a lot of bone conduction headsets out there. We’ve seen ones meant for swimmers, runners, and those who just want a new way to listen to tunes. Of course, with newer innovations, there will come better products, but usually it takes a little time for the cream of the crop to surface. Crowdfunding projects are still on the up and up, but it does give some insight as to what might be on the horizon.

While its function is not different than others of its kind, the Batband is certainly more sleek than its predecessors. It uses bone conduction, though the placement of the transducers is above and behind your ears rather than slightly in front on your cheekbones. The sound waves will be transmitted to your inner ear, and you should be able to hear everything crystal clear. There are three transducers in all, with two on the temporal bone, and one on your occipital bone on the back of your head.

You’ll only need to pair it via Bluetooth with your mobile device to get things going. Made of spring steel with a padded lining, this should stay on your head without jostling you about too much. The controls for skipping songs, volume and power are all operated by touches and swipes, so it’s pretty simple to use. You will need to charge this via USB, as it can only last for about 6 hours if you’re listening to music, or 8 hours if you’re on the phone (for a very, very long phone call). This is going to cost you $149 while it’s on Kickstarter, but will hop up to $250 after it hits the market, which it will as this is already successfully funded.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter