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BaseMate Ladder Stabilizer

Base Mate

Alright boys its spring time and that means getting off the couch and working on all those little projects you cooked up during the winter. Luckily (or unluckily) for us a Canadian man, after 15 years of effort, has made those dubious outside chores just a wincey bit safer and a teeny bit cooler.

The BASE MATE professional Ladder Stabilizer, attaches to aluminum, fiberglass, and wood ladders of any width and provides a wider, more stable platform especially on unstable ground. Opposing locks on each side of the arc replace the feet of a standard ladder. As the locks are released, the arc slides over until its rubber treads are firmly on the ground while the ladder stays plumb.

The inventor, Martin Dennis, owns a gutter installation business and was sick of footing the bill when his clumsy workers would tumble and fall. Ah, how greed breeds inspiration!

The BASE MATE is manufactured in China and can be purchased for around $79.99 in Canada at or in the UK at

If safe ladders could be cool, I think this might be as cool as they can get. Now if only he could’ve invented some sort of robot to clean my gutters for me then I would truly be impressed. Until then, I guess I’ll have to be happy with the fact that I have less of a chance breaking my head.