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The Baselamp – a lamp you can constantly redecorate


We love lights of all kinds. Whether you wear it on a hat, attach it to your book, put it under your bed, or behind your computer, there are a million different kind of lights, and we love having all the options to choose from. Of course, if you choose a lamp to put in your dining room or kitchen, what it looks like is of greater concern as it needs to fit in with the surrounding aesthetic. The annoying bit is when you decide you want a change of scenery and end up having to pick out a new lamp all over again.

If you like to change things up, but don’t like buying something you already have, why not get a something that can change with the times? This Baselamp is exceedinly simple, and allows you to make literally whatever you want into a lamp. This is a small block with an LED that will let you turn anything you place on top of it into a lamp.

There’s a touch-capacitive dimmer switch that will let you control whether it’s on low for bedtime, or up to 410 lumens when you need more illumination in the room. This won’t get to be too hot, doesn’t emit any UV light, and is made of an aluminum heatsink base with a solid walnut or bamboo body. It will need to be near an outlet to function, but what you put on top only needs to be able to balance on the base. This is a $99-149 purchase that you technically could make yourself, but the question is, would you?

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter