Base Two Binary Clock

Everyone needs a clock of sorts to tell the time, but with the modern day smartphone and tablet being a staple device for most folks we have ended up relying on them to help us tell the time. The watch has become a fashion accessory (and an investment for those who fork out thousands for it) instead of being a staple contraption that you wear around your wrist, but there’s one thing for sure Рclocks are still here to stay, especially when you are at home. If you happen to have a rather geeky persuasion, why not go all out and pick up as nerdy a clock as possible Рwith the $69.95 Base Two Binary Clock being a prime candidate?

This is one idiosyncractic clock that relies on binary notation to display the time, where it will mimic the same on-and-off calculation as electronic systems from the beginning of the computer age. There will be half a dozen columns of blue LED lights, wherein every two columns will represent the digits for hour, minute, and second. From bottom to top in each column, there will be individual lights that represent the values 1, 2, 4, and 8. All you need to do is add the values of lit units and voila, you are able to decode the digit represented by each column. Depending on your choice, you can set the Base Two Binary Clock to a 12- or 24-hour convention, with three brightness settings to choose from.

Powered by AC, there is the option to stash in a trio of AA batteries to keep it going as well, nifty when the apocalypse happens and there is no power from the grid.