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BarkBath – a bath shouldn’t leave a mess behind


When you need to give your dog a bath, thoughts immediately jump to that of a bathroom covered in dirt, hair, and suds. Dogs will naturally shake when they have an excess amount of water on their fur, so washing your dog normally means cleaning your bathroom right after as well. If only to remove the dog and soap smell left in the aftermath.

The fine folks at Bissell who make carpet cleaners and vacuums thought up a way to cut the work in half, and engineered a method that will let you pour all the grime down the drain. It’s called the BarkBath, and it functions in the same way a carpet cleaner does, by jettisoning water to the deepest layer first, and cleaning everything above it as you move. This has the same setup as a carpet cleaner as well in that there is a reservoir for water, shampoo, and the dirty water will be sucked into an empty reservoir.

You can potentially use 48 ounces of water to clean an 80+ pound dog, and it comes with a microfiber mat, face and paw microfiber cloth, and 16 ounces of no-rinse shampoo. This can be used in any room of your home, but that’s if you’re already accustomed to using this and know what to expect. It’s about as loud as a vacuum, which means your pup will need to be at least somewhat accustomed to the sound. This is a purchase that will cost you $149.99, and is best used on pups who just need a bath to deal with light smell rather than a complete hose-down from a romp in the mud.

Available for purchase on Amazon