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Bark Free keeps pesky mutts quiet

barkfree.jpgEver experienced one of those days where you have had the most awful time at the office, only to return home to find a ton of unpaid bills screaming for your attention and a splitting headache that sends you reeling. After popping a couple of aspirin, you head towards bed and pull the covers over your body, only to realize that something is not quite right. You can’t seem to drift off into dreamland all because your neighbor’s dog is busy barking its head off at apparently nothing – a puzzle that I have yet to comprehend until this day. Now, you can’t really go over and tell your neighbor to discipline his mutt since you’ve already done that a dozen times before to no effect. Using a BB gun or a tranqualizer due is also out of the question, but how else are you going to get a peaceful night’s rest? Enter the Bark Free range of devices from Sky Mall.

First, we have the new and improved Bark Free Pro that uses ultrasonic sound output that is effective up to 30 feet, making it the ideal device to have around the home. For outdoor use, you are recommended to carry the Super Bark Free which offers an effective silent radius of up to 50 feet. The Super Bark Free is powered by a quartet of D size batteries, so it might be a bit of a hassle to lug around.

The Deluxe Digital Bark Free Pro is the big daddy of them all, featuring four speakers for four times the “damage”, and this device is effective up to 60 feet. All the three units mentioned are water resistant and can be turned on automatically whenever the dog’s vocal chords get itchy for a good round of barking or two, and turns off whenever the barking stops to conserve battery. These humane solutions to prevent dogs from barking incessantly are currently available for anywhere between $69.96 to $119.95.

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