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Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower BBQ Accessory


Going green is fine and dandy, but don’t you think that the Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower BBQ Accessory is taking things a bit too far? After all, you would already be sweating while making sure everyone has their fair share of steak and BBQ meat, so to provide more hand cranked power to this BBQ Air Blower just, well, blows. On the other hand, at least you continue to do your part in keeping the earth green while being an example to the rest of your household. Capable of controlling dust and sparks, you will be able to emit a stream of constant air as long as you are well fed and your arm isn’t tired from all the cranking. The 4th of July is still a long way off, but you can’t be faulted for preparing early, especially when it retails for a mere $4.69.

1 thought on “Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower BBQ Accessory”

  1. This hand-cranked directional baffle puts a steady volume of focused air that will get your charcoal blazing in a seemingly impossible time. We take our’s along when we’re building a campfire where it works equally well. Low-tech, inexpensive, simple to use & works! What more could you ask for?

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