Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2 and EarSet 3

Bang & Olufsen, a great North American supplier of high end home theaters and custom multi room music systems, has recently broke into the headset market with the EarSet 2 and EarSet 3.

The EarSet 2 is a Bluetooth wireless job that features two omni-directional microphones that uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to assist in clearer sound by suppressing wind and other background noise for the best transmission possible.

This EarSet 2 also has a great ergonomic feel as well. It has a full adjustable clip to fit on your ear comfortably, and a convenient fold out mike. This fold-out mike functions as an on/off switch for the device. Calls and volume are operated by a single, easy-to-use switch.

As for the EarSet 3, it may not have the wireless action going on, but they do have the clarity of sound that the Earset 2 has, but in both ears. Not only is it designed for talking on a cellular phone, but works well for music mobile phones, MP3 players, and is even compatible with the Apple iPhone.

You should be able to get these products from the Bang & Olufsen (B&O) website. The EarSet 2 is about $350.00, and the EarSet 3 is for $250.00.

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