Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPhone/iPod/iPad docking station

When it comes to the world of high end audio devices and consumer electronics devices, you can be sure that the name Bang & Olufsen is definitely going to rank right up there with the very best. After all, it is the epitome of quality as well as brilliant design, and this time around, the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPhone/iPod/iPad docking station will be on the receiving end of a wireless update.
Yes sir, the new BeoPlay A8 sound system will extend the functionality of the best-selling BeoSound 8, and this is made possible thanks to the inclusion of Apple AirPlay in order to hook up your iPhone or iPad to a flexible world of premium sound – and this can be achieved in an instant as well as sans wires.

No longer do you need to be tethered in any way, as you can switch from listening to your favorite songs on the iPhone or iPad to a true Bang & Olufsen sound experience, without ever leaving the comfort of your La-Z-Boy chair. The new BeoPlay A8 will be able to intuitively stream music with Apple AirPlay, where it is smart enough to recognize your iPhone or iPad, followed by asking you whether you want to listen to your music through its balanced set of dynamic two-way speakers and formidable Class D amplifiers or not. I do not think that this is one offer that anyone should refuse – at least for the sake of your ears.
The BeoPlay A8 will continue from where the BeoSound 8 left off, with both models sharing the same design, specs and outstanding sound. The BeoPlay A8 has an edge over its “predecessor” thanks to the aforementioned integrated AirPlay wireless connection, not to mention a removable Apple docking connector. Some of the hard-working components under its stylish hood include a five-inch midrange/bass speakers output 70 watts of fully integrated Class D amplifiers, and the 3/4 inch tweeters are powered by 35 watts each.
Expect the BeoPlay A8 to retail for $1,149 when it arrives in either black or white shades.
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