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Bang Bang solar powered tent offers civilized comforts in the outback

bang-bang-solar-powered-tentGoing out to the great outdoors and roughing it is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I do admit that more and more people would prefer to spend their holidays or free time at cities and theme parks rather than the peaceful environment outdoors. Others prefer to remain glued to the TV during the entire summer holidays, whether it is watching movies or playing with video games. When was the last time you actually saw the different constellations light up the night sky? Perhaps you and your kids can come to a compromise when camping with the £249.99 Bang Bang solar powered tent.

The Bang Bang is touted to be the first solar powered tent in the world, where it will be able to harvest the power of the sun’s rays throughout the day, storing up precious energy in its battery so that it can be used to charge up various devices even when the nearest building with a power outlet is a good hundred miles away. Made out of lightweight and highly durable materials, the Bang Bang solar powered tent would arrive in two striking printed patterns – “Fool on the Hill” or “Woodstock”. Each tent is large enough to sleep four people comfortably, so let its built-in 5W solar panel do the hard work of juicing your smatphone, laptop, digital camera battery and speakers among others.