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Bandito intends to keep pesky mosquitoes away

guarden-banditoWhile camping can be fun, and so can a nice evening out on the patio with soft music playing in the background while you’re spending time with your family and good friends together. However, the tiny insect known as the mosquito can wreck any such camping trip or evening outside, as these pesky little buggers are well known to disturb those of us who would very much like to rest and relax. While wearing a mosquito patch might help somewhat, with a mosquito repellent being far more effective, Guarden might have something that is not only eye-catching, but functional as well. Enter the Bandito, touted to be the ultimate mosquito repellent which boasts of dual deterrent capabilities.

Those who would like to enjoy some time outside without being subjected to the irritating buzz of mosquitoes or having their blood drawn involuntarily will be able to wear the Bandito as a bracelet or have it clipped to backpacks or other personal items. It is perfect for folks who love the great outdoors, as this particular protective wearable will make use of an all-natural, non-toxic repellent that works in tandem with a powerful sonic sound in order to keep mosquitoes away.

Wearing this allows you to concentrate on what really matters: the person whom you are talking to, or simply drinking in the beauty of a particular sunset or scenery. The scent is of course, refillable for long term usage, relyin gon an all-natural pleasant scent made of citronella, peppermint and lemongrass oils. The battery in the Bandito is no ordinary piece of technology, ensuring the sonic function can last for approximately 500 hours before a replacement is required. As for the scent, it should last for a fortnight or so.

The Bandito Solo Pack will arrive in either black or white shades with a price point of $35 a pop for those who are interested.

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