Bandai announces next generation TamaTown Tama-Go by Tamagotchi

Remember the Tamagotchi craze many years back? Well, I was stll a young un back then, and I looked on in envy at all of my other friends whose parents were well off enough to purchase them multiple Tamagotchis to feed and care for, while all that I was left with was nothing but my imagination. Of course, I had put all of that behind me, but to hear of Bandai working on a new next generation TamaTown Tama-Go by Tamagotchi has whet my appetite once more. This virtual pet looks set to be back better than ever, where you have dozens of Gotchi figures to choose from, and TamaTown Tama-Go will offer kids limitless opportunities to raise and interact with the Gotchi figures at home, on the go or online at

If you fancy picking one up, you can do so from major retailers, where the redesigned TamaTown Tama-Go will boast a new high-contrast, four gray-scale display screen, a changeable design face plate and the choice of Gotchi figure. Fan feedback has been incorporated into the Tamagotchi experience to up the ante, and in TamaTown Tama-Go, those who had a field day with the older Tamagotchi will definitely be able to roll back the years while enjoying something with their kids what they themselves used to play with before puberty hit.

Kids will be able to learn the responsibilities of being a caregiver in TamaTown Tama-Go, where they will go about nurturing and raising their own virtual pet via feeding, playing games and checking statistics of happiness, hunger and discipline – all the while with the option of connecting with other friends and their Tama-Gos. Not only that, another feature worth looking into would be the ability to “pause.” This means caregivers and friends no longer need to Tama-sit, just in case you were wondering what that is all about. Web visitors will be able to play games and nurture their Gotchi characters in the three simulated worlds of Swirly Sweet City, Forest Falls and Flower Hills Park. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to us!

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