Bananaman Costume

Bananaman Costume

This one may be more wacky than gadgety but hey it’s nearly Christmas 🙂 My friend Sean over at Child of the 1980s has just posted about the some what bizarre Bananaman costume. In the US you have super heros like Superman, Spiderman, etc. whilst over here in the UK with have the classic Bananaman.

What you need is to escape your life as Eric Twinge and do a bit of dressing up! Stand tall and proud as the quintessential 80’s comic book superhero, Bananaman!
Whether this costume inspires you to stand up for good and justice against the likes of General Blight, or to simply stay in and eat bananas, there’s no doubting it is one fine outfit!

With the blue and yellow body suit padded out with extra muscles you can scare away the bad guys and impress the ladies with your new found physique!

If you can remember the comic strips and the television series, Bananaman, then this costume is perfect for impressing your piers and bringing back a few memories!

You can buy the Bananaman costume from Drinkstuff £46.99 (~$too much$) (strangely only comes in an adult size), whilst if you’re thirty something and want to reminisce on toys and gadgets from your childhood, check out the excellent Child of the 1980s.