Banana Pool Table

banana-pool-tableSo, you think that you have got things down pat in terms of your pool skills? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but here we are with something that will get even seasoned pool players excited – especially for those know-it-alls who think that they have seen everything there is to the game of pool. Catch them off guard not only with the unique shape of the £12,000 Banana Pool Table that will require an entirely new perspective on how you play the game of pool, but also get them asking, just how you managed to get that kind of money to spend on something that most folks would deem as a surplus in any home.

The Banana Pool Table is handmade in England by British artist Cleon Daniel, and considering the amount of dough you have to fork out for it, it will also come signed and numbered. It is made out of only the very finest materials, and well, best played in bunches. Heh! The Banana Pool Table is more or less guaranteed to surprise, amuse and entertain – in any order, of course. You can use your own set of billiard balls, or use the single white, solitary yellow and 10 brown balls that comes with each purchase.