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Banana Night Light plays it cool

banana-night-lightA night light can be considered to be an essential piece of bedroom furniture for most of us – after all, it is the ideal tool to have if you would like to cap off the night with some reading without having to disturb the other person who is sharing the bed with you, and it is also handy to help you find your way to the bathroom should your bladder need some emptying without stubbing your toe against the corners of any furniture as well. How about going bananas with the £12.99 Banana Night Light?

This is a night light that comes with serious “a peel” – get it? It is ripe with luminosity (pardon the pun here), as it arrives in a portable form factor that would not make it too different from that of a lantern. Not only that, it is ripe enough for instant use the moment you bring it home, as it will not split in the face of convenience. There is no need for any cables since it will be battery powered, relying on a trio of AAA batteries to keep it going at all times.