Bamboo USB PC Laptop Speakers

If you’re a fan of the natural look, you might enjoy these USB speakers made of bamboo.  I tend to make fun of wooden gadgets a great deal.  However, I don’t mind this one despite that it keeps the look of wood.  It has an Asian appeal to it, that most boring wooden gadgets never seem to have.  Plus, I like that bamboo is a grass, so it’s going to regrow far faster than a tree.

The portable speakers would be great to hook up to your laptop or they could even be used for your main PC.  Although, they’d be far better suited to work with your laptop instead, since they aren’t going to be high powered.  They’re just cheap little speakers that will make watching or listening to anything on your laptop a lot more convenient.  Since it is made of bamboo, the speakers also have a natural resonance.  It plugs in with a 3.5-mm plug which also means it could work with your MP3 player.  You can purchase it on Sourcing Map for $27.

Source: Techchee