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The NEW Bamboo Stylus Pocket – Because Fingers are Fat

I honestly hate my husbands Smartphone, whenever we’re in the car and he asks me to answer a text for him, I hate it even more. I can’t say that I have particularly chubby fingers, but I can never seem to get through a whole text without mis-typing several letters. I can think of a few phones, tablets, or even some apps that could truly benefit from a nice stylus… was there something wrong with using a stylus? Who decided fingers were better? Check out the new Bamboo Stylus pocket, allowing so much more to be accomplished using a touch screen. Forget your fingers, using the new Stylus is much more precise, accurate and comfortable when editing pictures, drawing maps or creating dynamic presentations. Both compact and comfortable, the Bamboo Stylus pocket allows us more flexibility with most of our smartphones and tablets. The shiny aluminum Stylus is designed with a smooth, soft, conductive (and replaceable) standardized firm stylus nib and anĀ optional soft nib is also included in the box.The pen tip diameter measures around 6mm. The Stylus comes with a strap and headphone jack plug so you don’t lose it, and it comes with cute exchangeable rings in silver red and blue to allow you a slight customization of the look. So if your looking for a little more ease of use and a whole lot more accuracy, you need the Bamboo Stylus pocket which is available now from and don’t forget to get yourself the Bamboo Paper app for iPad, available as a free download from the App store. It’s the perfect marriage of handheld Stylus and digital notepad. ]]>