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Balloon Lamp lights up the room in style

balloon-lampEvery room needs a decent lighting option, and the usual fluorescent lamps tend to be boring fixtures in most homes. While we have seen some innovative ideas like the Magic Potion Lamp that will certainly get Diablo and RPG fans excited, here is something that is a little bit more universal for you to check out — the ¬£19.99 Balloon Lamp.

After all, everyone loves balloons — they are the mainstay of any party or happy event, and clowns and balloons tend to go hand-in-hand. The only downside to balloons is the fact that they burst all too easily, providing a scare for the weak-hearted from time to time. Well, this particular Balloon Lamp, as its name suggests, will not burst at all, and yet it goes about illuminating your space as a floating light source. It will also not float away, and all you need to do to turn it on is to press the balloon knot. You can also opt to cycle through a whole spectrum of bright colors for that added touch of glamor, and it ‚Äúlevitates” approximately 10cm above the surface you put it on. The sturdy metal stand that you see has been designed to look like a dangling string.