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Balloon Dog Light adds an interesting touch to your room

balloon-dog-lightIt goes without saying that the right kind of lighting is definitely important in making sure that the mood of a particular situation ends up according to the way that you would want it, however, there is this thing known as individual taste that comes into play. Having a night light is surely useful, especially if you are one who is prone to getting up and moving around in the middle of the night due to insomnia or a weak bladder, since you can avoid tripping over toys or kicking your dog by accident. How about sprucing things up by your bedside table with the £14.99 Balloon Dog Light?

It will surely conjure up feelings of nostalgia, back when you were younger and visited a park, and there was this clown who was absurdly skilled at making balloon animals with his hands. Well, the Balloon Dog Light will resemble the finished article, except that it will not be made out of actual balloons, although you can more or less say that it is far less fragile than that of an actual balloon, since it is made from soft, flexible silicon rubber as it emits a soothing red glow. To ensure that it does not sip up any more energy from the batteries than it should, there is an optional auto shutdown after 30 minutes.

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