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The Balancing Knife keeps the table cloth clean

Balancing Knife
There is a special place for every piece of silverware on the table. Of course, very few of us know how to set an entire table like they did long ago, when every kind of fork or spoon had its proper place. Nowadays we stick to the basics of one fork, knife, and spoon, but for those of you that love butter, you likely own a butter knife. The interesting challenge with that particular utensil is where to put it after you’ve used it.

If you are a bit on the phobic side about your silverware touching the table, then why not get a utensil that will stand up on its end? This Balancing Knife is much like those clown punching bags that can be struck in the face when sitting upright, but won’t topple over. This knife has a rounded end that looks like the end of a dresser knob, but due to the extra weight will stay sitting straight up when it’s not in your hands.

This is made of stainless steel, and is really only going to be helpful rather than a hindrance if you make sure you aren’t using it for something that can trail down the handle. This can be tossed in the dishwasher when you’re through with it for the day. The only issue with storing this seemingly frivolous $20 purchase is that it’s not going to lay flat in the drawer.

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