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Bakelite rotary phone dialer

iPhone owners might looks pretty smug with their snazzy handsets, but there would be some who grew up in the first half of the last century who sometimes wish that they could relive the good old days of rotary dials? Well, MildMannered Industries has just the tonic for such people with the Bakelite – a rotary phone style dialer for the iPhone. Definitely meant for novel purposes only, as I don’t think you’d want to spend a full minute dialing a number. Don’t expect too much from this though since it is a free software.

Source: Crunchgear

1 thought on “Bakelite rotary phone dialer”

  1. I wish ALL phones went back to being rotary dialing for one specific reason: tele-marketers and everyone but especially tele-marketers would get sick of calling you more than twice in an hour, and your friends would call you only once a day not bugging you so much. Basically, we would be more stress free with less phone calls. Still think modern technology has advanced? The easier everything is to do, the faster everything becomes annoying… Something to think about.

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