The baKBlade helps you shave your back

baKBlade back shaver

When you have that annoying little itch between your shoulder blades, you normally sidle up next to a wall and deal with the issue. It’s a tricky little spot to reach, and a back scratcher can help too, but if your problem with that area is the issue of back hair, it’s going to add a layer of complication to things. Your facial hair trimmer is only going to reach so far before you need to become a contortionist to reach everything.

If you don’t want to be forced to twist every which way trying to get all the hairs, then maybe this baKBlade “Bigmouth” can help. It’s similar in structure to a back scratcher, but instead of a rough edge to get your itch, it has a safety blade that is over 4” long to shear off the forest growing on your back. It uses sharp teeth that you will lightly drag across your skin, removing hairs as it goes.

This will also work on your lower back, but it is recommended that you flip the handle to face the opposite direction to make things easier on yourself. This is going to cost you around $40 once shipping gets involved. Hopefully using this every 3-4 days will have you more akin to a hairless rodent than an alpaca. Don’t worry, the packaging is said to be discreet for those who are touchy about people knowing that they have a problem of excessive back fuzz.