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Bagless Car Detailing Vacuum makes a clean sweep of things

bagless-car-vacuumWe live in a universe where the law of entropy certainly applies, and there is no exception at all to it. Having said that, this translates to the upkeep of things around us – be it our car, or perhaps even the home in which we live in, and the constant purchase of new clothes from time to time in order to replace the aging wardrobe. The interior of a car too, would need some degree of loving, which is why making sure whatever rubbish and other kinds of unwanted material should be kept out of the car to prevent pests such as roaches from breeding within, and this is where the $69.95 Bagless Car Detailing Vacuum comes in handy.

The Bagless Car Detailing Vacuum happens to be a hand vacuum with a suite of cleaning attachments that will be able to offer powerful cleaning without having to replace a waste bag, making it ideal for use when using a home’s vacuum isn’t practical. After all, this particular model is able to reach every corner of a car’s interior thanks to its flexible 40″-long vacuum hose and a 12′-long power cord that plugs into AC. There is also a 550-watt motor and professional-quality in-line airflow design that delivers a 39 cubic-feet-per-minute vacuuming power, making it achieve 44% more airflow than commonly available models. Perfect for getting rid of anything and everything that it can suck up in your car.