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This Bagel will measure everything, and writes down your measurements


When you work in a field where you have to constantly measure things, you know how annoying some items can be to get an accurate number on. There are measuring tapes for all sorts of different jobs, some are loose and floppy, others are rigid to a point before they bend, and sometimes you have to lay down the same measuring stick over and over because you don’t have one that’s long enough for the task at hand. The solution we normally end up having is getting one of each version, but if you lose any one of them and end up needing them, you get to buy a new one.

If you’d rather chance losing all three at once, but also getting more functionality than you might ever need, then you should get a Bagel. What I speak of is not a delicious and dense product that will send your carb levels through the roof. Rather, I am talking about the Bagel, which is a smart measuring tape that will not only measure things, but organize and analyze measurements in an actually useful way.

This uses string, wheel, and remote (laser) modes, which can handle 10′, 33′, and 16′ 4” respectively. All you need to do is click a button to get your measurement, and then you can save a voice memo about what you were measuring which will be sent directly to an app on your phone. It can save up to 100 measurements, and will last about 8 hours on one charge. The display can be seen regardless of the lighting situation, and you can easily change the units. While this may cost you $69 or more, it seems like it would be worth it for those who have a serious need for precise measurements.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter