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The Bag Butler makes quick work of Fall chores


There’s nothing quite like Fall. The air has a crispness to it that is accentuated by leaves that add a pleasurable crunch under your feet. This is the time for leaves of changing color, hot spiced drinks, and getting to pull out all those cool jackets that have been sitting in wait all year. The only down side is that there is a whole new slew of chores that come with this seasonal shift.

The most notable new task to keep on top of is raking leaves. They’re fun to step on, sure, but when they’re gumming up your gutters and covering your yard it’s a different story. While gathering up the piles takes quite a bit of time, getting everything you rounded up into a bag feels more difficult because it’s so tedious. This is where having a Bag Butler would come in handy.

It’s just a piece of recycled plastic, but it will basically act as another set of hands to keep your bag open while you’re trying to put leaves in. This was specifically built for 30-42 gallon bags so you can either rake your refuse directly into the bag, or sweep it in when you have a nice big pile. It would be easier to control than working with your kids or an unenthused roommate who would rather be doing something else. This $19.95 Fall tool has a tapered design that ensures you can’t use it incorrectly, and folds up to for traveling or just easy storage purposes.

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