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Bacon & Eggs Bandages might lead to cannibalism

For many of us, bacon is a staple in our diets, despite what doctors might tell us about the health consequences of eating too much of the delectable pork treat. I think some of the past bacon-themed gadgets we’ve talked about prove that this delicious pig part is a favorite among geeks and gadgeteers alike.

What if us humans were composed of such delicious meat? Would we have human meat farms? We wouldn’t go that far, but indeed, you might find many more incidents of cannibalism and bite injuries. If you’re brave enough to risk being serious cannibal target, and eager to show off your love for a nice plate of bacon and eggs, the Bacon & Eggs Bandages are a tasty way to cover your wounds.

Other than resembling a tasty breakfast, your wound will be kept safe from infection with the eggs and bacon proudly shielding the injury from outside bacteria. The Bacon & Eggs Bangages tin comes packed with seven 3″ long bacon strips, and seven 1-1/2″ fried eggs, allowing you to cover almost any minor wound.

For your own set of tasty breakfast bandages, you’ll only need to shell out a measly $4 for this creative wound dressing. Just keep your eyes open for suspicious looking people who forgot to eat breakfast that morning. That could only lead to unwanted appointments for tetanus shots.

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