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BackPack hides a spare shelf


If you’re still not satisfied with how many items stay on your desktop and you happen to own one of the very sexy Macs, you’re in luck.  You can pick up this tiny shelf to put onto the back of the monitor.  Since it is on the back, it won’t be seen quite so much, so it’ll cut down on all that clutter.  Which with most people seems to be an issue at their desk, myself included.

Even if the back of your monitor is exposed and able to be seen, this shelf blends in well with the look of your Mac monitor.  You could use the shelf to store an external hard drive or an extra hub.  You could even place your iPhone or iPod there to charge up.  However, that might be a little on the inconvenient side of things to use it for that.  Plus I’d constantly forget that I’d placed my iPod on the shelf to be charged.  In order to keep the shelf in place, it just uses gravity and stays in place.  You can purchase it for $29.99 or you can purchase a 6 pack of them for $149.99 which saves you $29.95.

Source: Gearlog