Tailgater Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser – Cheers!

Ah the good old days. I remember going to rock concerts and tailgate parties with all kinds of unique items containing alcoholic beverages. I’m not sure the “new kids” are spiking watermelons and oranges or making adult Jello. Maybe I’m wrong, I’d kinda like to think that the day of things like the beer bong aren’t gone, would college be the same?… I’m hoping technology will just make some of the old stuff even more fun and amusing.

Well the party animal in all of us now has an interesting beverage service option (when the keg in the kiddie pool full of ice is not an option) Check out the 210 ounce Tailgater Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser, made of sturdy acrylic, this nifty “no-books-allowed” backpack serves up 2 different fruit juice options… okay, who are we kidding? Load this sucker up with your favorite shots or the equivalent of more than 2 six packs of your favorite malt beverage and become the most popular guy at the fiesta.

With gravity fed hand taps, the Backpack Dual Drink Dispenser comes with padded shoulder straps so you can show off your wicked bartending skills on the move, and the attached mesh compartment allows you to hold some napkins or extra cups, or maybe even a few sliced lemons and salt. Salud!

So if you feel the need to get your party on, or need a unique and useful gift for a college bound kid, get the Tailgater Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser, its only around 40 bucks at… but please remember to always drink responsibly!