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“Back Up” Bed Rifle Rack


You never know who might just be crazy or desperate enough to break into your home these days with the number of crazy folks running outside, which makes the “Back Up” idea all the more attractive. This simple gun rack fits right under your bed mattress, giving you unprecedented access to your shotgun at night. It retails for $39.95 which makes it all the more affordable to virtually everyone who owns a shotgun, but unfortunately I wouldn’t want to have this in my home unless I keep the bedroom door locked at all times just in case curious children wonder what a shotgun is doing under my bed while playing Hide-and-Seek.

Source: Uberreview

13 thoughts on ““Back Up” Bed Rifle Rack”

  1. We have a right to save or own lives. If that means killing someone who is trying to take yours because they want something in your house.. well the so be it. The minute that you step on my liberties is the day that you lose yours.

  2. I’m not clear on what the need for this device is: I haven’t found simply placing my gun next to the bed to be especially problematic.

  3. Oscar next time your country is being over ran by some other country how about calling some gunfree country for help. Oh and hows the crime rate in your country? are you one of those that the kids are now wearing stab prof vest to school because it is so safe over there????

  4. safer huh? lets set aside the defenition of murder for a moment and focus on why your 120,000 police cant do a damn thing about your 500,000 roberies. and sence we are throwing stats around, 2.5 milion crimes are stoped in america because of responsible citizens with fire arms. that would be over 300,000 crimes stoped in spain. the swiss have a fire arm in almost every home.
    Lets go ahead and divide u.s. crimes in half in order to compinsate the crimes comited by those of SPANISH desent. as far as murder goes, we can talk about the 100,000 abortions in spain next go round.
    just remember.
    when your “professional” military is crushed by a super power, you can always grab your gun and fight back, oh, wait…….. no you cant.

  5. as a shotgun owner, I have come to find The Back-Up very handy! It mounts my gun to my bed securely w/out any screws/bolts ( no damage to my bed) and puts my gun within arms length so I am always armed.

  6. Wow, the ignorance alone is simply amazing in the above.

    For every robbery prevented by every uneducated american having a gun by their bed, thousands more die because of gun violence.

    Would you rather get robbed and loose a few insured items, or risk being shot the next time a neighbour is drunk and gets angry about your fence blocking his view of the back alley?

    Further more, the most ignorant comment I have read from above would no doubt be the one in which the bedside-gun-toting american citizen saves Spain from attack of a Superpower.

    Unless owning a gun most of your life is counted towards your military experience should you decide to join the army, the poster is quite possibly mentally handicapped.

    A Superpower will never be stopped with guns. If you are stocking up long-range cruise missiles then maybe we could applaud your heroic efforts.

    Until then.. wow..

  7. Dear Mr. Friendly,

    What a bunch of liberal spittle… Do you really think a person has to be uneducated to own a gun and keep it for protection? Are you really that stupid? If every one of us had firearms of some sort for protection, maybe these idiots would think twice about coming into our homes. And what have you to say to the families of those raped and murdered in their own homes? Good thing they didn’t have a gun? You’re an idiot. You’re so educated, you don’t know the difference between lose and loose. You may lose a few insured items, but buddy, you’ve got a screw loose.

    Until then… go back to your commune.

  8. To “Handsome B Friendly”,

    I find your remark characterizing gun-owners as “uneducated americans” to be condescending, insulting and ignorant.

    I am a well educated professional. My I.Q. is 141. I am a peaceful, well-adjusted person with a satisfying personal life.

    I safely keep a gun within arms reach of my bed.
    It helps to protect me and my wife from the truly ignorant and desperate people in our city.

    Think about this the next time you get up on your high horse.

  9. To “Oscar” back in 2007 comment:

    Look at your country now. Overun with ragheads and Liberals who are ensuring you cannot protect yourself in your filthy country. In retrospect you may have been better off being overrun by the Germans. 😛

  10. Dear Michal Hunt,
    First off let me start by saying….your dumb. Your obviously a prepubescent 12 year old who knows nothing about the USA. If you live here, you should kill yourself simply because of you lack of knowledge. If you don’t live in the USA you should probably kill yourself anyways. Liberal Hippies like you are the reason I keep a gun in the first place. The day you socialist a$$holes take over and try to ban my right to bear arms is the day you can try and take them out of my hands.

    Oh yeah, the Bed Rifle Rack is dumb as well. prop your gun up against the wall beside your bed and save $20.00 you retards. This product is useless.

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