Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer uses half the energy

When choosing a hair dryer, most women are looking at what it’s going to do to their hair.  All of the fancy inserts that make it possible to give hair shine and a better style.  One of the things people don’t always think of is how good or bad the hair dryer is for the environment.  This pretty white hair dryer may not have state of the art items to add to it, but it will help keep your energy bill down.

It does come with one extra nozzle to add to it, the slim concentrator nozzle.  Despite that it uses far less energy than your average 2000W dryer, it still manages to get hair dry just as fast as a normal hair dryer.  With all the energy it saves, they claim you can make 7 cups of tea or 11 slices of toast per day.  Just like a normal hair dryer it has 2 heat/speed settings.  You can purchase the Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer for £19.99 or about $33 from Nigel’s Eco Store.

Source: Envirogadget

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