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Babycakes Cupcake Maker

Cupcake makers are officially the kitchen gadgets I never knew I needed.  Alright, so no one really needs it, but come on they’re mini cupcakes.  Plus they pop out fresh out of the maker extremely quickly.  This isn’t the first cupcake maker I’ve come across, but this one comes with a whole lot more and it’s even at a slightly better price.  Not enough to make it seem as if it might be an inferior product, but just enough to make you jump on the cupcake maker bandwagon a whole lot faster.

The Babycakes Cupcake maker comes in both yellow and pink, I know, they’re not exactly gender neutral colors.  It makes 8 mini cupcakes at a time within the non-stick baking plates.  Plus this comes with a heavy duty icing bag and coupler, 4 stainless steel decorating tips, crust cutting and forming tools, then finally a small recipe book to finish things off.  You can purchase the 1400 watt cupcake maker for  $30 through Select Brands.

Source: Gizmodiva

30 thoughts on “Babycakes Cupcake Maker”

  1. needs to be automated (mix batter, pour, bake, eject) like that mini-donut machine.

    i’d pay 10x as much for one of those.

  2. Moogie is correct. If it made everything and all you did was pour ingredients, people would jump on this faster than a fly on sh**!

  3. Don’t waste your money. My little girl and I were so excited when she recieved her babycakes cupcake maker for her birthday. We read the directions and followed them precisely. DISASTER!!! The cupcakes stuck to the pan. We didn’t even attempt to finish the next batch. So dissappointed.

  4. love this machine… never had a sticking issue – cupcakes come out perfect every time!! easy easy easy!!!


  6. Just finished baking two batches with my new Babycakes!! easy, easy, easy!!!!! Yeah, the first batch stuck a bit, but the second batch slid right out!!! LOVE this little machine!!! I will be doing SO MUCH more baking now!!

    As for cleanup, just wipe with a damp cloth — again, EASY!!

  7. My daughter received the cupcake maker for Christmas. Sooooo disapppointed, the cupcakes stuck to the pan and it wa supposed to be non-stick. Took more time to get them out than it would have to made them the old fashioned way. Taking it back for a refund!!!

  8. this thing is so amazing me and my daughter made almost 40 cupcakes!!! with out any problems, we just used a spoon to get them out, it was as easy! THIS ISN’T A WASTE OF MONEY!!! IT WAS A BIT OUT OF HEAVEN AND PARADISE!

  9. I got this from my sister for Christmas, and so far I am NOT satisfied at all. First off, they burn in like 5 seconds, and when I went to take a bite, it exploded in uncooked batter. The film on the cupcakes kept me from seeing the batter on the toothpick—the film came from the pan’s nonstick coating! Yuck!!

  10. I am sending ours back too! Don’t waste your money. They stuck, didn’t cook evenly – what a disaster!!

  11. My 10 year got this for christmas and loves it! the recipes are great, simple from scratch and taste great! When she is finished using she just wipes clean with a towel and puts it away. I would purchase again.

  12. My daughter loves hers.
    We always use liners regardless of where we cook. It just makes clean-up a bit easier. The common size small ones work great.
    It seems to help if you’re smart enough to understand a little about cooking beforehand, otherwise maybe you should get your cupcakes at the bakery.

  13. Not sure what other people are talking about but we had NO problems with sticking. It cleaned up very easy. In fact there was hardly anything to clean up. We were able to just wipe it clean. I bought it for my 14 yr old daughter for Christmas and she loves it. It’s perfect for the young baker. It’s even something they can take for a sleep over.

  14. It was horrible!!! They stuck!! I don’t care what these other people are saying about it being so easy and they didn’t have a problem with sticking. The clean up took half an hour!

  15. I don’t understand the problem. I just bought it a few days ago and was really excited. I spent the whole school day looking up reviews of the machine and a lot of people had complaints. I just tried it and it worked WONDERFULY!!! It is a great birthday present and I adore it. FUN IDEA!!! POUR IN PANCAKE MIX TO MAKE PANCAKE BITES AND DIP THEM IN SYRUP AS A MINI SNACK!!! OR MAKE YUMMY BUISCUITS!! I LOVE MY MACHINE AND WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!

  16. We love our babycake maker. Made the vanilla cupcakes out of the book (used 1 egg white and one whole egg) and they turned out fantastic along with the vanilla frosting and the recipe made 24 instead of the 16. Used ordinary mini cupcake baking cups Reynolds brand (they will stretch to fit). I have the feeling those that have reported sticking are not experienced cooks and they are overfilling. Also made the Pecan Tarts and they were fast and fantastic (reciped included with machine.) I would give a 5 star rating. Accomplished all recipes with the help of a 7 year old child.

  17. IF you follow the manufacturers directions that state you do not have to preheat the unit, they stick. If you treat it like a waffle maker and preheat it, they do not stick.

  18. My little girl and I are SOOOO disappointed. STICK! STICK! STICK! We pre-heated the unit, removed the cakes immediately, let the cakes fully cool in the unit before trying to remove them, used a plastic spatula, and we finally used a spoon as a last resort (even though the instructions said NOT to use a metal tool to release them from the cupcake maker). We’ve tried everything except using liners to get the cakes out in ONE PIECE. So, I guess I’ll have to go buy liners now. I thought this would be fun for my 5 year old and me . . . but, I think we can have just as much fun using my regular oven.

  19. I was given this at christmas and love it. Use a boxed cake mix…vanilla is my fav and use paper liners. I don’t understand why some of you don’t use them it seems quite obvious and that’s it. I found my liners at walmart and HEB. Its easy

  20. I purchased mine a few months and have used quite a number of times. I’ve tried using cake mixes, muffin mixes, brownie mixes, they all came out without one crumb stuck. I sometimes use the mini muffin tin liners I buy at the grocery store if I’m making something I need to take to someone. For home, tho, I just pour the batter in and out they come. I did try making my own cinnamon rolls-for those I did use pam, and I really don’t think I’d have needed it in hindsight. All in all, I love it!

  21. I love this Cupcake Maker. I just made cupcakes for the office, the neighbors and for my family without having to heat up the kitchen. I had NO sticking problems.
    I would buy again!!

  22. I bought the Babycakes Cupcakemaker for my 7 year old and she loved it. We made 40 cupcakes. My 7 year old had no problem following the instructions and recipes. Are there more products from these people. I will buy all of their products. The best part is that you don’t have to dirty your oven and pans and control the calories with smaller portion sizes……….Cindy Baird.

  23. Terrible. just terrible. My cupcakes burned in a matter of minutes. DO NOT waste your money because they simply come out tasting like crap. 🙁

  24. totally waste of money…. I’m using it right now and its being 20 minutes since I plugged it and it does not get hot … don’t know what to do.

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