Baby Thermometer & Wireless Monitor

Baby Thermometer and Wireless Monitor
Babies require a lot of attention, that’s a given. Pretty much any gadget that makes that task easier is always appreciated.

The Baby Bath Thermometer & Wireless Monitor does indeed help you out a bit. The package is two pieces, the thermometer and wireless monitor.

The first will monitor the temperature in the bath tub for you. The large LCD will show the current temperature along with a categorization, either “cold”, “comfortable”, or “hot”. These temperatures are preset according to your likings. As soon as the temperature goes below 68 or above 104, an alarm will ring. I’m pretty sure if the bath got that cold or that hot, you’d be hearing about it well before the alarm rings.

In case you’ve got to run out of the room for whatever reason; maybe that rubber duck is downstairs. In those cases, the wireless monitor has you covered. You can hear just about any sound out of your baby for a full 300 meters.

The parent unit runs off a rechargeable battery. It will event ring an alarm if the connection to the baby unit is lost, how nifty.

The baby unit plugs into a standard AC outlet; just in case, there’s even backup power (3 AAA batteries).

Best of all, you get a nice, cool lanyard for you to wear when carrying the parent unit around the house.

The Baby Bath Thermometer and Wireless Monitor is a nice gadget just to have around if you’ve got a baby in the house, even if never gets used. It’s available from Sharper Image for $70.