Do you want your Baby to Look like a Celebrity?


There really is no good reason to feel uncomfortable engaging in a conversation about a sperm bank. There are a number of perfectly understandable reasons to utilize the services of such a place, and I do believe that people should be able to have children if they want to, and its certainly none of my business how they go about it. There isn’t too much new in the sperm business these day, but there is something you may not have heard about…

California Cryobank, a reproductive tissue service, is offering a Donor look-a-like program, offering you the subjective input of the Cryobanks’s employees who let perspective parents choose a baby-daddy who they think looks like your favorite star. So if you want a “baby like Beckham” this may be the place for you. If a donor looks like more than one famous person, they will list them all for you, making it easier for you to visualize what your offspring may ultimately look like. 

Curiosity got the best of me, and of course I had to take a look, all donors are listed with height, eye, and hair color information and, if applicable, their celebrity look-a-likes. Right off the bat I found a nice Ben Affleck and a rather short Derek Jeter. It seems as though there are limitless pages of donors to choose from and different ways to list them, including by education level, religion or ancestry, heck finding a dad is a lot easier than finding a husband!

Door to door delivery of this specialty sperm starts at around 455 bucks, but the price can quickly multiply when you consider the various add-on opportunities, including facial feature reports, medical histories, childhood photographs or even a handwriting analysis all compiled on your intended insta-dad. I’m not sure if features are more important than say, IQ… but I suppose careful screening and healthy babies should be the ultimate goal. How do you feel about making a celebrity baby.. you know, without the actual celebrity?