Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Scoop, feed, wipe, repeat. New parents are all too familiar with this constant cycle of baby feeding. It seems easy, just because it’s the only real option you have. Not too mention that having an open food jar near a curious infant is never a good idea. Get ready for a spill!

I know, I know. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Well, I’d like to see you try it, CG!” While we aren’t quite ready to take you up on that offer, we can at least provide an alternative to the same old, same old. The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is a practical eating utensil which can hold up to 3 oz. of the finest purée, feeding your baby one freshly squeezed spoonful at a time.

The Boon Squirt allows you to multi-task, since you only need one hand to feed your child using this spoon. The other hand can be flipping through a newspaper for all we care, as long as you watch out for where you’re thrusting that spoon. No poking out any eyes!

We imagine this makes feeding your child in public a much easier experience. At least you don’t need to lug around an extra heavy jar. And it’s large bulb shape makes it super easy to clean. You can grab your own Boon Squirt spoon for $7 from CSN Baby.

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