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The Awamako 3D Foam Pen will let kids make creations, not messes

Awamako 3D Foam Pen

Children are incredibly creative, but they aren’t so good at realizing how much of a mess they’re making in the process. While they will help you clean up after a day of playing with Play-Doh or markers, there’s usually a bit of finer detail cleaning that still has to be done. If you could get them to play with soap bubbles your job would already be half done, but unless you feel like whisking soapy water for an hour, that’s not going to be easy to do.

 If you happen to possess this Awamako 3D Foam Pen, then playing will be fun, easy, and a quick cleanup. It’s somewhat similar to the 3Doodler, but rather than extruding heated plastic to build in a 3D space, it uses liquid soap! There will be some limitations that come with this material, but that just means the younglings will have to get more creative within those bounds.

This comes with the foam pen, decorations, a bottle, storage box, two foam plastic bases, a plastic spatula, and 3 pen heads. You’ll need a AAA battery to get it to work, and keep in mind that while it uses soap, this can’t be used around or in water unless you want to spend $39 for plastic that can’t do anything. The decorations will help little foam creations look a bit more polished, and when you run out of them you can use that as an excuse to make some at home, giving you another craft project for your kids.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop