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The Avoloop – leave no morsel behind


When you’re eating fresh fruit or vegetables, you know there’s a little bit of work needed to get to the good stuff. There’s usually seeds or tough skin to deal with, and it can sometimes be more work than its worth. While there are some tricks to get around making things too hard for yourself with regular kitchen utensils, it’s sometimes nice to have a specific tool for a specific task.

If you are an avocado fiend, then you know the struggles of trying to get all of the flesh out of a freshly cut morsel. You can use a spoon, but very rarely is this going to come out beautifully in one go. The Avoloop will be a game-changer for those that are all about food presentation. This uses a flexible stainless steel wire that can adapt to the shape of whatever you’re needing to hollow out whether it be an avocado, mango, potato, papaya, squash, or melon.

Should you like seedier veggies, this would also help with produce like peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, and tomatoes. This has a birch wood handle that makes it easy to maneuver around whichever food item you want to clear out. This will cost you $14.95, and is sure to make cleaning the best part out of the skins of veggies and fruits a breeze. If you’re not trying to present a fashionable plate of food though, a large spoon would likely do the job just as well.

Available for purchase on Williams-Sonoma

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