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Avo self-sustaining fish tank

project-avoThere really is no limit to the genius of the human imagination, and sometimes, the little ones are a whole lot more creative when it concerns thinking about solutions to existing problems. Well, where fish tanks are concerned, these are definitely lovely to look at, although there is one particular aspect about fish tanks that we ought to be well aware of – and that would be its maintenance. How about coming up with a self maintaining fish tank? This is what a young British designer has been working on, where her effort is close to launching.

Suzy Shelley’s fish tank is known as Avo, and it is being touted to be the only fish tank that does not require any kind of cleaning at all. Not only that, there is also no need to change the water within, and neither do you need to replace the filter, now how about that for virtually zero maintenance? It does not get any better than that, where all one needs to do would be to top up the water, and feed the fish.

The Avo fish tank is 1.5 litres in size, and it comes chock full of innovative technology. What makes it extremely different from the rest of the other fish tanks in the maket woul be the continuously moving filter that virtually does not need any kind of replacing. Avo will work to recycle older bacteria into plant food, where this in turn creates additional space for new bacteria to grow will naturally removing nitrate, nitrate and ammonia. As a result, one ends up with a uniquely balanced micro-ecosystem, not to mention stand-out good looks.

Avo comes with automated LED lighting that has been specially optimized for healthy plants as well as clear water, while producing soft red light in the morning, fading to daylight white, to cool blue in the evening.