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AVG Family Safety – Are your Kids Safe with your Smartphone?

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I have a million different ways that I try to keep my kid safe while she’s on the Internet, of course we all know that the most fool proof way is to simply make sure I’m around when she’s online, I thought I was on top of things until she grabbed my iPhone to search for “high top sneakers”, I don’t know what kind of typo produced her search results, but lets just say I spent a lot of time explaining some stuff that I’m not quite sure I was ready for yet!
Well, AVG now provides users of iPhones, iPads and Windows Phone devices protection for the whole family with the new AVG Family Safety browser. The AVG Family Safety app is a free, secure, family-friendly mobile Web Browser, which helps protect your children from inappropriate websites and, at the same time, protects the rest of your family from scam, fraud, phishing and potentially malicious online content. 
If parents also link the app to an AVG Family Safety account, then a web interface will let them  manage enhanced filtering options and even customize a list of allowed and/or blocked sites across their PCs and mobile devices. Parents can monitor the online activity of  different users and block social networking and other sites per individual login for each kid.
All versions are available for free at the Windows Phone Marketplace or the  App Store or simply from the AVG website at  AVG Family Safety Accounts are less than 20 bucks a year. Minimum requirements are a device running Windows Phone 7.5 or an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or better. Do you ever worry when your kids grab your Smartphone or iDevice?