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Average Days Watch – What are you doing with your life?

Average Days Watch
The way we live life now seems to move at such a quick pace that we can hardly cope. Every minute that we’re not doing something productive feels as though we’re wasting time. Even if we’re supposed to be sleeping, our mind is racing with all the things we should be doing, rather than the task at hand. We’re not robots, and you sometimes forget that while you can have something of a system to your day-to-day happenings, there’s always going to be a wrench in your plans somewhere along the way.

If you do like keeping with a certain regimen, has it ever occurred to you that many people out there do the same thing? So many people keep the same sort of daily routine that there is actually research done specifically on how we use our time. The Centre for Time Use Research director gave a customized data set to Mr. Jones Watches so they could create the Average Days Watch.

It’s not overly flashy, because it’s not supposed to be. This is a very unconventional watch though, as it shows time without numbers, and in a 24-hour format. The minutes are still easy to read, and go in a full rotation every hour. This will allow you to see the most commonly way time is used by people, whether that be sleeping, eating, taking a little time for yourself, or working on a hobby. There are only 100 of these made, and they cost around $200.

Available for purchase on Mr Jones Watches found via Technabob