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The Avenger Adapter for the Xbox 360

I’m sure that you are probably looking at this Xbox 360 controller and wondering what kind of cybernetic job was done on it.
This is the Avenger, and it has nothing to do with Marvel’s super-hero team or that really interesting British spy show that was done in the 1960s. The Avenger is designed to speed up the performance of the XBox 360 gamer.
It does so by electronically stimulating the knuckles so the gamer becomes as fast as The Six Million Dollar Man. Just kidding. Find out how it really works after the jump.
It is as simple as strapping it to the controller, and then the user needs to re-learn how to game. Becoming a champion on the Avenger is all about how not to hit the X, Y, and B keys with your thumbs.
Instead, you need to use the levers with the back of your fingers to trigger the buttons. The advantage is that one doesn’t have to switch their thumb from the Right Stick to those pesky buttons. You still have to hit the A button with your right thumb, but you save time by saving your thumb from excess work. This little bit of saved time increases your reaction time, and results in a better game.
See how it works now? You should be able to get it from the official Avenger site for about $49.99.

1 thought on “The Avenger Adapter for the Xbox 360”

  1. I bought this not too long ago and I love it. It makes shooter games much easier and honestly? A lot more fun. It’s a shame that people automatically assume that it’s a bad product because ONE person had a bad experience with ONE employee when ordering this and felt the need to influence thousands of people by writing about it. People have bad days all the time. Just because someone wasn’t great to deal with doesn’t mean the product is bad. It’s pathetic how easily influenced people can be.

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