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The Avalanche Roof Rake slices snow off your house


Watching powdery snow fall when you’re young feels very magical, as if you might have a chance to meet a mythical being if you go make a snowman or build an igloo. When we grow up, snow translates to something entirely different, and it’s not nearly as fun or whimsical. While it’s still fun to play in, snow usually becomes ice, and puts us and our homes at risk to some serious damage if we’re not careful.

While salting can do a lot for the ground to prevent you and your car from sliding all over the place, you can’t exactly throw salt on the roof, as using the wrong type will damage it before the snow has a chance to. Not taking care of this hard-to-reach snow might lead to an ice dam, and while the icicles that come from it are pretty, it has the potential to be troublesome for your home. Thankfully, the Avalanche Roof Rake should be able to stop the issue before it starts.

This is a cutter frame with 1.5” wheels that will slice through the snow, and let it slip down an attached 17′ x 12′ plastic slide. The handle is made of fiberglass, and has four 4′ sections so you can reach up as high as necessary to prevent problems. This is not a small purchase at $129.99, but it’s all about making quick work of a job that could be done by a different tool, so it’s up to you with whether you want to save money or time.

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