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Autowit Dashboard Camera makes life easy

While not everyone loves to drive around, it is all too important these days if you were to install a dashboard camera of some sort for added safety in the event of an accident or minor fender bender. After all, without evidence from a dashboard camera, a lot of it might boil down to a case of “You say, I say” in front of the police and authorities. Why not let recorded visual evidence have the final word in the matter? Autowit knows that the upcoming holiday season will see plenty of people travel to various destinations: to visit family, for a quick holiday, or simply during one’s daily commute, which is why they have released the $69.99 Autowit dashboard camera.

 This is a unique offering compared to many other generic models that have already flooded the market. Autowit’s model will be a 5-inch IPS mirror dash cam, sporting touchscreen capability in addition to a Full HD front and rear lens. That is correct, you will be able to obtain recording of both the front and the back, making life far more convenient for you. Of course, the rear camera will have a slightly lower quality at 720p as opposed to the Full HD front camera.

With the touchscreen display, you can switch modes from full screen display or picture display, and it also does function as a regular rear view mirror. Just like other modern vehicles, the mirror dash cam will also automatically switch into reversing mode in full view whenever you engage the reverse gear, now how about that for it being smart? In order to maintain the most recent footage, all recorded video footage can be set to 1, 2, or 3 minutes in length. Seamless loop recording will automatically overwrite the oldest ones the moment the SD card when it is full.

In addition, the integrated G-sensor can identify moving objects on the road ahead, where it will automatically record the moment when driving. Should you leave your parked vehicle alone and it detects any motion, the camera will automatically wake up and start recording. Autowit’s dashboard camera is now available with a discount when you use the HOLIDAY2018 promo code.

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